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Our mission is to reimagine capitalism for systemic change.

GLIN Impact Capital is an investment fund established to contribute to the development of impact/ESG investing with the mission to "reimagine capitalism for systemic change". Based on this mission, GLIN makes impact/ESG investments in unlisted growth-stage companies in Japan and the U.S. that are developing businesses with potential synergies between social impact and economic return. In addition, we provide post-investment support so that portfolio companies can grow sustainably while pursuing their social mission.

Leveraging our unique perspective as an investor, we support corporate transformation through our advisory and consulting services to contribute to a future where non-financial information represented by impact/ESG factors will play an important role in corporate evaluations and activities.

As the first fund in Japan to invest in unlisted companies from both impact and ESG perspectives, we will adopt advanced global initiatives, and share our accumulated insights with various stakeholders - including investors, external clients, financial institutions, and governments - while playing a leading role in fostering an ecosystem for a more sustainable model of capitalism.


Our Services

Financial Graphs
Business Consulting

ESG & Impact Investing

We make impact/ESG investments in growth-stage unlisted companies in Japan and the U.S., and support our portfolio companies to grow sustainably while pursuing their social mission. As the first-generation impact/ESG investment fund in Japan, we will contribute to the development of the evolving ecosystem while sharing our knowledge with our stakeholders.

Sustainability Consulting

We provide consulting services to clients in the realm of ESG and sustainability from an impact/ESG perspective to maximize enterprise value. Such services include the disclosure of environmental and sustainability information, sustainability strategy advisory services such as sustainability reporting, materiality assessment, TCFD, and CDP support services, as well as others as required on a case-by-case basis.



On the Slope is a company with the mission to promote “agriculture that lasts for 100 years.” To achieve this mission, they promote environmentally friendly farming methods and sell its produce through its e-commerce platform.


UniFa Inc.’s mission is to “create new social infrastructures that create happy families around the world.” Their service is to provide DX for daycare centers and other childcare facilities to support caretakers and families that depend on them.


JSH provides home-based healthcare services mainly for psychiatric patients in addition to regional development projects with the mission of "creating joy and happiness through people."


Asuene provides a service called Asuzero which is a cloud solution for the visualization and reduction of CO2 emissions.


We come from a wide range of backgrounds but are united in our effort to work together
in creating a more sustainable, fairer, and prosperous world.


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